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Ayder Plateau-Trabzon

Ayder Plateau
(Ayder Yaylası)

Ayder Plataeu One of the most popular place for to visit on Trabzon Tour Packages. Travel to Trabzon by flight from Istanbul. Family Hotels in Trabzon.Continue Reading »

Kayabasi Plateau

Kayabasi Plateau
(Kayabaşı Yaylası)

Kayabasi Plateau has unique scenery surrounded by spruce and fir forests displaying a rich flora. There is a marvelous nature of Kayabasi. From start to finish is covered with spruce and beech forests. Kara Abdal Festival is held every year on the second week of August in the Plateau...Continue Reading »

Hidirnebi Plateau

Hidirnebi Plateau
(Hidirnebi Yaylası)

If you want to extend your life, if you want to remember a thousand shades of green you forget to listen to the voice of the Black Sea ... Stunning nature of the opportunity to watch your black from the summit of Trabzon.Continue Reading »

Sultanmurat Plateau - Trabzon

Sultanmurat Plateau
(Sultanmurat Yaylası)

Sultan Murad Plateau located on the route of Trabzon-Caykara-Atakoy, has an elevation of 2200 m. “Yayla Ortasi Festival” is held every year on August 20. Murad IV performed Friday prayer in this plateau on the way back home from Iranian expedition dated 1653. He had stayed here for a few days. That’s why the plateau has taken the name “Sultan Murad”Continue Reading »

Rize Waterfall

Rize Waterfall
(Rize Şelalesi)

Rize Waterfall is one of the place must to see in Black Sea region. Our Private Tours covers Rize Waterfall and more...Continue Reading »

Sumela Monastery - Trabzon

Sumela Monastery
(Sümela Manastırı)

An amazing structure. .. 1600 year old…. The Sumela Monastery is one of the oldest and most historic monasteries in the world. Sumela Monastery is located at a 1200 meters height on the steep cliff at Macka region of Trabzon city in Turkey...Continue Reading »

Hacke Plateau

Hacke Plateau
(Haçka Yaylası)

The Hacke Plateau is different from other plateaus because of its aunthentic life style. Everyone should come and discover these beauties of Hacke Plateau...Continue Reading »

Uzungol Waterfalls - Trabzon

Uzungol Waterfalls
(Uzungöl Şelaleleri)

At private Trabzon Tours you have a chance to see beauty waterfalls of uzungöl. With fresh air, green, between the forests you will feel younger.Continue Reading »

Limni Lake

Limni Lake
(Limni Gölü)

With its spectacular natural beauty a place that must be seen. With our Private Tours you can see this amazing place...Continue Reading »

Fish Lake

Fish Lake
(Balıklı Göl)

You reach Balikli Pond following through Akcaabat-Duzkoy route and the road heading towards Hidirnebi Plateau. It is famous for its natural beauty...Continue Reading »

Zigana Mountain - Trabzon

Zigana Mountain
(Zigana Dağı)

At Private Trabzon Tours you can visit the Zigana Mountain and around. With your private car you will enjoy on the Green Mountains and will see the amazin green villages...Continue Reading »

Akcatepe Mountain

Akcatepe Mountain
(Akçatepe Dağları)

One of the popular place for to visit in Trabzon. You can visit the Akcatepe Mountain with your family and enjoy in a day on your private tour...Continue Reading »

Karaca Cave

Karaca Cave
(Karaca Mağarası)

Karaca Cave is one of the leading caves and is receiving many visitors thanks to its walking routes, along with its stalactites and stalagmites. One of the famous place for visit...Continue Reading »

Play Cave

Play Cave
(Çal Mağarası)

Cal Cave is recognized as the second longest cave of the world. A small stream flows through the cave. There is a historical castle over the cave...Continue Reading »

Rize Castle

Rize Castle
(Rize Kalesi)

Rize Castle has got one of the best panaromic view for watch the Rize City. With our private tours you can go to Rize for visit this amazing castle...Continue Reading »

Bell Castle

Bell Castle
(Zil Kalesi)

Bell Castle: Zilkale is a medieval castle located in the Fırtına Valley (literally: "Stormy Valley"), and is one of the most important historical structures in Çamlıhemşin district of Rize Province in the Black Sea Region of Turkey...Continue Reading »

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